Warrior – a novel

“‘Warrior’ is an intense and confronting read at times, but thoroughly enthralling. I couldn’t put it down!” — Dr Damon Ashworth, expert blogger at YourTango and http://damonashworthpsychology.com/blog/




Lumina di Bauta is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. “Warrior” is about her journey from paralysing trauma and substance abuse towards recovery and empowerment.

When Lumina learns that her cousin Sophie is being abused by the same man who abused her, she is seized by an urgent desire to speak the truth, and thereby save Sophie from a similar fate.

She embarks on the challenging course of detox, and with the support of two close friends, she eventually manages to get clean and find the courage to reveal what happened to her. She exposes her abuser as a member of an online paedophile ring and is finally able to progress her life.

Warrior is a brave and uncompromising novel that explores themes of working-class struggle, love, toxic familial bonds and intergenerational trauma.

Hope – a novel


Hope Waters is a mature-age psychology student with chronic bulimia. To help her stop and reclaim her life she starts a blog that candidly shares her struggle to recover as well as what her partner teaches about eating disorders at university.

The food Hope would otherwise buy to purge now goes with her to the food vans on Flinders Street to feed the homeless. The blog connects Hope with fellow recoverees and feeding the homeless exposes her to the unfortunate predicaments of so many which has her dedicated to recovery.

Her addiction to the high and emptiness of purging after overeating comfort food feels more powerful than herself and has her drawing on every inner resource and friend she has left. She can’t fight all that bulimia anesthetizes alone.

At a Latin-American dance-off she asks a guy on the tram if he can help her with directions. The Cococabana is on his way to a staff party he’s late for so he offers to walk her there. She accepts and this chance encounter reconfigures her life by taking the changes she has made to the next level.



Short Stories


All my creative writing is about trauma. The stories are set in Chelsea or towards the end of the Frankston Line, on the non-beach side of the tracks and observe working class life.  The complete collection is titled Without Wonderland.

Family Photosummerfield-336672_1280

Published The King’s Tribune 2013 and won second prize in their writing competition.

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Family Photo


Death of Venus

Published in Meanjin 2014.

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Death of Venus


Published in Verandah Literary Journal 2010.

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Published in Text Journal of Writing and Writing Courses 2010

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Sad Clownindex

Published in Mascara Literary Review 2010

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Sad Clown




Without Wonderlandindex

The other stories include:




Dirty Word


Glow in the Dark Stars

Mona Lisa

Without Wonderland (Long-short story)

Wrong Line