Manuscript Assessment

Do you need professional feedback to take your manuscript to the next level?

This service provides feedback to improve your story, argument, writing and structure. At Your Story Doctor you can expect clear, detailed and thorough report listing what is and isn’t working in your current draft. You will be provided with specific examples and suggestions for what can be done and how.

Focus is placed on the following for fiction, memoir and personal essay manuscripts:

  • structure
  • story and character arc
  • characters (main and supporting cast)
  • story world and logic
  • emotional register and tone
  • genre
  • use of tense
  • use of time (linear or non-linear)
  • setting
  • events
  • use of chapter breaks
  • themes
  • voice and register
  • point of view
  • image system

Essays and non-fiction

  • structure
  • argument
  • clarity
  • expression

I have a Masters and PhD in Creative Writing. Robert McKee, Michael Hauge and Joseph Campbell inform my approach to story, structure and the hero’s journey.



There is a one-off fee for each manuscript submitted. This is due upon my receiving the manuscript and before the assessment or developmental edit begins. This will be completed within 3 weeks of receiving your manuscript and payment. Once the report is complete will be sent via email as a document attachment.

Short story or essay up to 3000 words $70

A report of no less than 1 page


For all manuscripts 15,000 to 20,000words $210

A report of no less than 3 pages


For all manuscripts 20,000 to 40,000words $420

A report of no less than 5 pages


For all manuscripts 40,000 to 60,000words $630

A report of no less than 6 pages


For all manuscripts 60,000 to 80,000words $840

A report of no less than 7 pages


For all manuscripts 80,000 to 100,000words $1050

A report of no less than 8 pages


For all manuscripts 100,000 to 120,000words $1170

A report of no less than 9 pages


Payment can be made via direct debit.

Direct debit details:

Your Story Doctor

BANK: Commonwealth Bank

ACCOUNT NAME: Angelina Mirabito

BSB: 063 118


When you make payment please use your name as the reference and email your manuscript as a word document attachment to

Please ensure the manuscript attached is:

double spaced,

times new roman

size 12 font.

Once payment has been received an acknowledgement email with an invoice attached will be sent. Please understand a assessment or developmental edit includes a detailed report only. Your manuscript will not be returned to you with track changes and inserted comments. If you require this type of editing service please email me for a quote via the Contact page.

Also, please be clear that the work is yours and as the author it’s important that you integrate and disregard what doesn’t fit with your vision. The aim of the report is to provide professional and objective assistance and guidance for making revisions on the next draft of your manuscript and not for promoting your work.

For those wanting Mentorship please see the Services page

For those wanting editorial services such as structural edit, proofreading or copy editing please email me with your word length and a 3 page double-spaced sample for a quote via the Contact page.

I just want to thank Angelina Mirabito for undertaking the task of assessing my sister’s memoir. I definitely needed an objective perspective. She did a fantastic job. If you’re a writer looking for a mentor, I highly recommend her.

–Joseph Misuraca