Writing Core Wounds III

Your Story Doctor

Continuing on from Writing Core Wounds II.

The past shadows us until we shine light on it

A splinter that doesn’t get removed, becomes deeply embedded, increasingly sore and begins to infect its environment. The splinter, regardless of how long it is stuck in the body, always needs to come out. So too does a core wound in the sense that it needs to be treated so the bleeding stops.

Until this happens the pain keeps repeating in adult life through compulsive behavior that symbolically re-enacts the core hurt. This circling of the wound is a ‘stuckness’ that thwarts growth, healthy relationships, well-being and the opportunity to reach full capacity.

As adults, for growth beyond the determining and limiting forces of primary wounds to be possible, it’s necessary to work mindfully and compassionately through them. There’s no need or value in doing this alone or internally, the process must…

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