Writing Core Wounds II

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Continuing on from Writing Core Wounds I.

Knowing the stories informing a core wound is key

Adults with parts still stuck in the earlier stages of development due to childhood wounds are in those areas, very much still children lacking the resources necessary to progress in helping themselves. It’s important that they be given and receive what’s needed to undo the damage incurred from never having their core needs met.

The harm done during the initial stages of human development doesn’t just disappear of it’s own accord. It’s unable to resolve itself. Therefore the consequences of wounds not adequately addressed by primary caregivers, nurturing environment and mental health professionals can and will last a lifetime if left unaddressed.

In childhood, unhealed core wounds become integrated in ways that can negatively impact the developing self’s attachment style; confidence and capacity to tolerate and process the full spectrum of emotions in…

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  1. Leah says:

    This is interesting because I think my Mom has these problems. She still exhibits things from childhood that weren’t addressed by Her damaging caregivers. (ie Parents.

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    1. Thanks Leah, the concept is further explored in another article I wrote that may be of interest. https://writingthroughtrauma.org/2016/03/22/complex-childhood-trauma-and-the-wounded-adult/

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